Thursday, December 13, 2012

Robert's Horn Ski and Ice Cragging

Almost exactly one year ago, Jason and Jared took pleasure in chasing a fun local adventure, while I was learning about sleep deprivation shortly after Lars was born.  They scratched their way up some early season ice that flows into Primrose Cirque from Robert's Horn and then tried to scratch their skis on the way down the back side.  Their day ended in the dark after a phone call to Jared's brother, Sam, asking for directions as to how to get back down without going over one of the many cliff bands that traverse the headwall.  

Today, not looking to spend the whole day out, Sam and I took more of a cragging approach and just climbed till the ice ran out and then rapped down to our skis.  Next time, I'd like to finish the route and enjoy a ski from the summit but time, a poor rock to snow ratio, and other responsibilities conspired against us today.  

Regardless, it was a blast and since I'll never climb "hard" ice, I prefer to add some skiing to the moderate variety that I enjoy.  

Skinning toward the "goods".  Note the large debris pile...apparently a lot of snow is not needed to have large avalanches

Sam getting started

A little higher up - it is a little steeper than it appears with short vertical steps punctuating the lower angle flow.

Looking dorky and getting confused by all the gear that used to feel second nature but now makes for a nice junk show.  Also trying out some new ice climbing boots

Now for some skiing...

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