Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jason's Big Day

My brother finally has committed himself to a wonderful woman and we attended his wedding this afternoon.  Their story is a beautiful and touching one and is available here.

More importantly, yesterday was his bachelor party.  Instead of the usual strippers, booze, and debauchery, we went skiing and filled the day with strippers (Tanner and Tyler graced the party with some nude skinning), powder, booze, Mountain Dew, sausage, and debauchery.

The day prior, I hiked a BBQ grill to the summit of one of the Honeycomb peaks and we dug a long trench that would serve as the next day's headquarters.  On Thursday, about 17 of us hiked up hauling brats, sausage, chips/salsa, cookies, tangerines, Coke, Mountain Dew, cheese, hot chocolate, cider, bread, candy, and other assorted treats to the top.

From there, I grilled and folks took fantastic powder laps all day.  We gang skied and celebrated Jason's impeding marriage and mourned his loss of bachelorhood.  Thanks to all those who came out to make Jason's day.

Here is the proof and a wonderful five minute video that Jared put together (WARNING - disturbing content follows):

Firing up the grill

Part of the crew on the summit of one of the Honeycomb peaks (boobie cake by Bart G)