Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Citizen Series Race #2

Whoa!  We just had a huge turn out in the spitting rain at our first Tuesday night race.  Thanks to all who endured the elements and raced!  These things are fun because of all the positive energy and support everyone offers each other.  Also thank you to all the wild family and friends that braved the cold and rain and cheered from the base with cow bells.  That made the night!

Blurry pic of a bunch of cool people, psyched to race in the rain!
I'd guess that in total well over 40 people raced the rainy dark course.  The format was new and I believe suggested by Courtney Phillips and was an instant hit.  We climbed to the top of the Milly lift via off piste skinning and then descended back to the base by headlamp.  Our second climb ascended the same skin track but stopped just short of the dam before once again descending to the base.  Finally, our last climb followed the now very well worn highway for only a few hundred vertical and then finished back at the Milly base.   There were no mishaps that I'm aware of and it seemed that everyone had a great time and workout.  Afterward, we mistakenly thought Molly Green's would be open for prizes, food, and drink but they had closed since there is no night skiing on Tuesdays.  We improvised and handed out cookies to the winners (Jason and Gemma) on the deck of the Milly Chalet.  A few newcomers earned a strawberry and an apple pie and other lucky folks walked away with a DVD courtesy of the Powderwhores or some skimo clothing schwag!

Next time, if we can't convince Molly Green's to stay open for a party, we'll move the show down to the Porcupine Grill (a bunch of people did just that tonight).  Also, as interest grows, we will add a page to the citizen series website that will hopefully include a gear swap listing as well as info for training, touring, carpooling, or racing for those looking for partners with similar schedules.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, to Brandon Dodge and the rest of the Brighton patrollers for being so friendly and supportive, and to Brighton for being a real skiers resort!

See you all at the next gathering on December 18th at the same time (7:00 PM) and same place (by the church on the Milly side).

A lonely pin flag left on the course.  SCARPA is just one of the many great companies supporting our shenanigans.  Others will be highlighted in the future.

Tom on clean up duty after a solid 2nd place showing tonight!


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  2. I have a couple questions about your format and organization of the race. We are trying to organize the same type of race up in Ogden, and any suggestions on how best to format the race would be great. If you'd be willing to answer a few questions, could you send me a quick email to greg@gearthirty.com.