Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Drom Day

After returning home from some racing and adventuring in the Alps, I've been working and spending time with the family.  Today I returned to the mountains after a week off and it felt so good.  A sedentary life does not agree with me.  

Big Lars said he was happy to have us back and it's good to be back.  I've missed little my boys, both Lars and Teague, and it has been fun to play with them this week.  Today though, it was good to get out with my other boys, big Lars and big Teague for a quick road side adventure.  

We knew there is a full on corn cycle occurring right now so we got an appropriate start (8 AM) and started up Tanner's.  I was startled by the lack of snow as the first 10 minutes from the car were essentially on dirt.  Soon we were skinning the frozen gully with patches of debris but ultimately decided booting was faster as the angle kicked up.  

None of us had previously skied the South Couloir from the summit of Dromedary Peak but knew it was supposed to have a little cliff band protecting its entrance.  We poked around a bit, scrambled a bit, and found ourselves looking right up towards the summit.  We were climbing firm snow but very soon it would be in perfect condition.  

We lounged on the summit, snapped some photos, and randomly decided that our feast was probably ready.  The upper chute was almost too cooked, while the main Tanner's bowl was perfect.  Fortunately, this spring skiing nonsense is supposed to come to an end this weekend with a small storm followed by perhaps a more long term change in the weather.  

Lars scrambling up the small rock band protecting the entrance. 

From the top

Teague cruising

Big Lars always wants to go big on his "late days".  He doesn't have to be to work till one  once a week.  Today wasn't big enough for him.  Some people are hard to please. 

This guy loves to ski

Teague found this little window to the Wasatch


Teague was getting annoyed that we have to stop to take pictures.  Lars and I joked incessantly, asking him if it was ok to snap a photo.  In reality, he likes to pose and did what I told him to do down his 4000 foot white runway.  

February 19th, 2015

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