Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 ISMF World Championships: Individual Race

Today was the main event at the 2015 ISMF World Championships.  The individual race consisted of each country's top athletes racing around 5000 vertical feet all around the mountains above Le Chable Switzerland (across the valley from Verbier).  

The weather was perfect as the apparently typical low cloud bank lifted and the racers were treated to perfect visibility and good temps.  As always the start was fast and punishing, stringing out the field. Unfortunately, Scott Simmons lost a skin early on and suffered a major handicap as the world's best skinned away.  

At the top of the first climb, Killian was in the lead and remained so for the rest of the day, winning comfortably.  Our guys were in the thick of it, trading a few positions with Spanish and German athletes amongst others.  

In the end, the US men were led by John Gaston, who took 27th.  He was followed by Jason Dorais in 33rd, Tom Goth in 39th, and Scott Simmons in 50th-ish.  They all fought hard as evidenced by the frozen snot on their faces, but they all wanted more.  It's inspiring to see them crushing more than half the world and still hungry.  Luckily, they all get another chance during the Team's race on Wednesday.  

On the Woman's side, we were well represented again by Lindsey Plant, who in spite of a nasty respiratory bug, finished 20th.  She was followed closely by Jessie Young in 23rd, Sarah Cookler in 29th, and Meredith Edwards in 30th.  

Congrats to all those who laid it out there today!

Everyone waiting for the leaders to come up the boot pack on the final climb

Killian cruising to a very convincing win

John Gaston picking off a Spanish athlete at the top of the last climb.  

Jason had a mishap with a pole early on that cost him a minute.  At least he didn't crash on his face.  

JD topping out

Nick Elson 

Tom Goth topping out the last climb

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