Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mount Wire Ski Descent

With the actual winter we are having along the Wasatch Front, I've been hopeful that we'd actually be able to do some legitimate skiing in the foothills.  The top two on my tick list have been Mount Wire and Grandeur Peak.  I think that's because I spend so much time running/hiking these neighborhood sentinels that I always wanted to be able to travel their paths on skis.  In particular, I have wanted to ski between the two large billboard appearing structures (actually microwave repeaters).  

After two feet on top of a rotten base this weekend and ongoing cold temperatures, I finally got my chance.  

Bizarre urban skiing

Rime and legitimate winter conditions at 7137 feet on the summit of Mount Wire

Happy for the novelty of skiing from town
The funny thing is that two others beat me to it.  I followed their post hole riddled skin track to the summit from the Zoo and then laughed as the skiing was really quite decent.  I never let myself go too fast for fear of lurking rocks or stout shrubs and made a lot of wiggles.  I only got scratched once but felt a lot of little branches tickling my bases.

Without a lot of motivation to drive to ski up high, maybe I'll do my part to limit the pollution around here and enjoy the novel convenience of skiing from work this week.


  1. Cool to see some low elevation snow finally. Lots of stuff to do if it keeps up in February.

    At first, your video looked like you were launching a paraglider. I kept waiting for you to go airborne.

  2. I wish I could fly. I just thought it was cool to ski between those things even if it was really slowly.

    ...a couple more feet, ongoing cold temps, and some stability and we'll be in business!