Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Questions

Friend, father, ski mountaineer, climber, prolific writer, OR athlete, and editor-n-chief formerly of the Alpinist and now of has put together an awesome video that has me utterly psyched to get up in the Tetons to try and tick of some of my personal projects.  He also asks some of the same questions I find myself pondering.  Check it out.


  1. the end of that video sums it up for me...marriage first changed my a son...I am a totally different person in the mountains...definitely things to ponder.

  2. I fit that profile exactly. One hour a day either skinning up a resort with a 19 month old on my back, maybe one day a week of touring without him, assuming I'm not sick with a cold, or my wife doesn't want to ski with myself and the youngster. Lots of motivation, not much time to pull it off. I put on the blinders...........try to stay fit, and try to learn to enjoy other things. It's hard, no doubt.

  3. This video is awesome!