Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starting Anew

Well, for some the 2012/13 season is officially underway.  Powder Mountain received over 30 inches of goodness so far during this storm cycle while the Cottonwood Canyons are still suffering with only 3 at most.  Knowing but not believing, we went up to check it out, hoping that Main Baldy was filled in enough to make a hike through the talus worth the while.

It wasn't.

Instead, we tried to make a few turns through some grassy sections or on the cat tracks but the gravel, rocks, grass, and dirt proved too much even for our stubborn selves.  We are learning forced patience.

Left: Powder Mountain 10/24/12 (photo stolen from random guy on Facebook)
Right: Alta 10/24/12 (Tom and Jason)

In the meantime, to remember some of the highlights of a lowlight season, I put together a clip of miscellaneous footage from last year.  Some is new and some recycled.  I had fun re-watching good times in wild places and am overly excited for the coming year.

Miscellaneous Highlights of the 2011/2012 Season from andy dorais on Vimeo.

This season Jason and I are incredibly lucky to be receiving generous support from a few great companies and will be using their clothing and gear during our upcoming training, racing, and adventures.  We chose to work with these companies because their products are the best in the business and make the most sense for the type of "light and fast" style that we preach.  Plus, they are all really good people.  If anyone has any questions about Outdoor Research clothing systems, SCARPA boots, or Trab skis and bindings, we'd be happy to help out and give you our take on what works best and when.

Let it snow!

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  1. Another great distraction. Glad to be part of the fun. I miss you guys.