Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early Season Avalanche Victims and Education

Now that there is snow rotting, lingering, melting, and teasing on the high northerly slopes, it's time to start thinking about avalanches again.  Although for those that have taken rides, maybe you never stop thinking about them.  A few people got an early season wake up call in Montana this week and if the long range weather models hold, we might have to do our best to avoid a repeat of last year's debacle at Alta.

For everyone planning on spending time in the backcountry this year, the UAC is putting on a snow workshop on November 3rd that should be both entertaining and highly educational.  Maybe you can use it as an excuse to get out of raking leaves or doing some other lame yard work. The UAC folks work hard every day to give us information that helps keep us alive.  To make a donation, click here.  Otherwise, I hope you can make it to the workshop.

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