Sunday, September 23, 2012

These are the days...

As Tom Evans from "The El Cap Report" likes to say, "These are the days!"  Autumn is certainly the best season for running.  The peaking colors and crisp air have injected a substantial amount of enthusiasm back into my running and in spite of a horrendous work schedule, I have been able to sneak off into the mountains every so often.

One of my favorite runs this time of year is a lolly-pop loop starting from Mill D North to Desolation Lake, the Crest, Millcreek, Dog Lake, and back.  It's just over 13 miles and gains around 3000 vertical. The vibrant colors are just past prime at the higher elevations but are sure to be coming into form at some point along the way.
High on the Crest Trail
Also this week, Jason and I were able to find the energy and time to head up Broad's Fork where we found a variety of trees in differing stages of brilliance.  Up high, the weather agreed with the calender, and Autumn was in the air.

Jason gaining the saddle

Feeling sleep deprived and clumsy on the talus 
Really loving the movement of running with a strong fall breeze above
Jessie then got her turn to enjoy the trails and I got to take a short nature hike with Lars.  I dawdled along while I tried to explain to his young mind the changing seasons, photosynthesis, chlorophyll degradation, and the various causes for the remaining hues of red and yellow.  He yawned and acted annoyed.  Eventually after trying to eat something red that must have looked delicious but tasted terrible, he fell asleep and avoided any further teaching.

Overly excited dad and and his bored pupil
These are the days!


  1. nice! Tell a little more about Broad's Twins, would ya? a similar one that I enjoy goes up Butler, across by Dog Lake and then up to Desolation. From there, out Beartrap or out Mill D North or one of those.

  2. What kind of kid pack is that? Looks like it might not be an oversized beast of a pack.

  3. Hey Brody, not much to say about Broad's other than it's a standard Wasatch grunt up steep trails to steep talus to an awesome summit. Cool to run but better to ski!

    Derek, it's a Kelty pack but I'm not sure of the model. It was a gift and I think a hand-me-down at that. It's really not that comfortable but I suspect none of them are. And, it totally lacks head support so when Lars falls asleep, I turn it around so I can hold his head in place. Which one do you use? Any recs for a winter pack that will work for skiing?