Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Snows

Well, I've been craving this day since the summer solstice and the onset of oppressive 90+ degree days that we've had. Snow has finally fallen in measurable amounts at the high elevations and I needed to go up and remind myself what it is to feel cold.

It seems that contrast is crucial in life, for without it, I think we would simply exist without fully appreciating the natural world, good food, or any other pleasurable stimulus.  With the hottest, driest summer that I remember being chased away by a flash of autumn and a preview of winter, contrast is in the air.

Chris Cawley suggested a run through yellow trees on snowy trails but wasn't able to join me. As I drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon, I exclaimed aloud to nobody in particular, how stunning the aspens are, juxtaposed against conifers, with a dusting of snow on the ground.  Feeling haggard from little sleep, my grogginess vanished as I stepped out of the car and felt rain and sleet on my face.  The ever grinning Jon Swain joined me and we were off, splashing slushy snow in search of yellow trees and snowy single track.

Here are a bunch of my favorite pictures from the afternoon:

The stylish Jon Swain

Photo by JS

Jon has never frowned in his life

Photo by JS

Photo by JS

Photo by JS

The ever sanguine Jon Swain

Photo by JS

Forests of gold

And, since there's snow on the ground, it's time to prematurely think about skiing (actually, a couple intrepid folks made turns from Guardsman pass today).  To fuel the fire, check out the new PowderWhore movie, which will be making its world premiere tomorrow night through Friday at Brewvies.   There will also be a bounteous raffle with all proceeds going to the Utah Avalanche Center.

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