Sunday, August 5, 2012

Outdoor Retailer Dawn Patrol

This week the semi annual Outdoor Retailer Show came to town to show off all the new Spring 2013 products.  Also on display were many brand ambassadors/athletes who a lot of us watch in awe in their various venues of sport.  I had the chance to go out for a run with a few of them and show off one of our local gems, the Pfeifferhorn. 

Luke Nelson (Patagonia), Pete Swenson (Dynafit), Jared Inouye (La Sportiva), Wick (SCARPA/Trab),  Matt (Neptune Mountaineering), and Chad Ambrose (Someone should sponsor this local hardman) joined me and Jason for an ill advised 5:00 start without headlamps.  Actually, two of the guys brought lights so the rest of us tried to snuggle up next to them as we ran and stumbled along the trail for the first couple miles. 

I was surprised by how dark it was still at 5:30 and was reminded that the days are getting shorter and that hopefully early autumn snows are just around the corner. 

That's probably still wishful thinking as this day was warm and the haze of recent fires still coated the horizon.  Chad kept the pace honest as most in the crew had either 8:30 or 9am obligations.  That's alright though since getting up early has its rewards. 

Box Elder and Timp catching some sun early Saturday morning

Luke and Pete gaining the Pfeifferhorn Ridge

Another romantic shot of Luke and Pete

The crew along the interesting part of the ridge line just ahead of Jason, who also couldn't pass us this shot.

Matt, Wick, Pete, Luke, and Jason
Breakfast on the Pfeiff
Also, in recent events, the Speedgoat 50K was held at Snowbird last weekend.  Many great national and international runners were in attendance and I held some optimistic goals at the start line.  Rather than get into the six and a half hour play by play from my perspective, I'll summarize and say that the first half felt great and the second half was a worsening pity party of cramps and sore legs.  It was still a fantastic event in spite of all the controversy surrounding the "two winners".  For more on that saga visit, where hundreds of arm chair ultrarunners have voiced their opinions.  

But to catch a glimpse of the race and the terrain, check out Matt Harts quick video below.  I think he snuck me into a couple shots.  Thanks Matt!

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  1. you are in one or two of the photos I took at speedgoat. you can check them out here if you want.