Monday, August 13, 2012

New GT Speed Record by Killian Jornet: 2:54

Well, Kilian's ongoing quest to annihilate every significant mountain or trail record in the world is alive and well.  Recently, he broke the near 30 year old Grand Teton running record by over 12 minutes.  His total car-to-car time was 2:54:01, with his ascent time being 1:50.  Adding to the impressiveness of the run was the lack of snow from the Lower Saddle to the Meadows which I would speculate slowed him by perhaps 10 minutes.

Prior to his record run, he went on a recon mission with Anton Krupicka and the guys made a bumpy low budget movie of the affair which gives a good idea of terrain for those unfamiliar.

On a local level and for those who are inspired by Kilian's running, Black Diamond is putting on a new race at Snowbird on August 25 that looks to be a good time.  They are calling it the Hidden Peak Hustle but the course is more rolling and runnable along the base of the mountain.   Hope to see you all there.  More info below...

And lastly, over the weekend a group of six of us tried to rally the Grand Traverse party style (the real one in the Tetons (no offense Wick)) but got derailed on the North Ridge of the Grand as our efficiency and psych waned. 

I'll explain the party of six in a later post, but regardless, we pulled off the Cathedral Traverse and had a great time in the process.  Write up and pics to follow but for now I'll leave a teaser pic by Chad Ambrose.
Somewhere high on the North Ridge of the Grand Teton. Photo by Chad Ambrose
More to come in a couple days once work demands settle down...


  1. "Soloing it with nothing, huh?"

    "Oui hhavv hans an fiit, don' oui?"

  2. Did he cut out the switch backs on the up and down?

  3. Good Stuff boys...Killian's time is amazing. Way to get at it! GT has nothing on that GT!

  4. I was on the summit the day of his record run and I saw him slap the landmark! I am so psyched to have made the summit and to have witnessed history!

  5. A video of them in the Chockstone Chimney is here:

    Emelie Forsberg is shown in the video and she hit 3:51:00.

    That may be the record for a woman.

  6. somebody can give an access to that private vid?

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