Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wasatch Classics

We are in the thick of one of the longest stretches of 90+ degree weather I can remember and I have been suffering.  I hate the heat and long for winter but have found solace in the mountains.  In particular, we have had a few fun days scrambling up Mount Superior's aesthetic South Ridge, poking around on Timp, and running up from the Ogden Divide to Ben Lomond Peak.

Superior is a gem in either winter or summer and Ben Lomond may now be my favorite run in the Wasatch.  I made a goofy video from footage Jason shot to try and capture our carefree evening on Superior, which is embedded below.  

Then, our longtime friend, Tyler Bushnell, came to town from Oregon and joined us for a run up the Timpanooke trail on Mount Timpanogos.  Being a new father, he had domestic responsibilities that kept us from tagging the summit but the scenery and company was great.  

Tyler on Timp

Finally, over the last few days, Jason and I have been in Eden, UT for a work retreat and spent the days running, swimming, eating, and hanging out with good people.  One morning, we went for a run up Ben Lomond.  We were thrilled to find low angle smooth dirt to the ridge that passed through a few stands of old pines, and then stunning rolling terrain to the base of the peak itself.  A strong cool breeze was reminiscent of the Oregon coast and I felt we'd been transported away from the Hell that has been the Salt Lake Valley throughout this heat wave.  

Jason and Stewie running slowly

High on the Ben Lomond shoulder

Matt Stewart admires himself on the summit of Ben Lomond
3 matching fools

The next day, a group of coworkers, nine strong wanted to go for a run.  Naturally, I wanted them to see and feel the joy of Ben Lomond.  Jason and I carried packs full of Gatorade and granola bars as some of them aren't really runners and the run is 15 miles round trip with 3500 feet of gain.  We went slowly and regrouped every 20 minutes.  Each time I would ask how everyone felt and who wanted to go farther.  The answer was always that they felt great and wanted to push on.  Eventually, we lost a couple, but we placed six on the summit and most of them ended up going farther then ever before.  

8 of my colleagues going on an impromptu run

Angus is more manly than you.  He eats small game raw. 

Shaneen, Jason, Tamara, and Saloni on another brilliant section of trail

The crew heading towards Ben Lomond

Tamara nearing the summit
Ben Lomond summit shot
Spying other peaks in the distance, I could see a network of trails along the high ridges that stretched on and on.  Although not pursuing my own agenda that day, my mind was already planning future shenanigans high above Davis County.  

Then it was on the the next method of dealing with the heat and a swim in Pineview Reservoir.  The pay beach is significantly better than the free beach and at $12 per car is a deal when 18 people can fit in a Toyota Tacoma.  

We all fit in two cars cause we are cheap bastards
With the forecast looking something like repeating 97s for the next week, I need to get out of here.  But for those that are stuck, these Wasatch classics are a good alternative to suffering heat stroke in the valley.


  1. Excellent post. Thanks for covering all these awesome trails. I'm curious what the snow conditions were on your Timp outing...

  2. Nice work!
    Just wondering what the track/artist used in the Superior video is?

  3. Hey Jared, the snow is going fast. We had to cross a couple small patches but by now I bet you could do the whole thing snow free.

    Kaj, the artist is Architecture in Helsinki.