Friday, June 15, 2012

Salt Lake Skyline Video

Throughout our run last week, I was trying to remember to shoot video with the hope of putting together something beautiful and creative.  Every time we stopped, it was adding time to our day and I found myself pulling out the camera less and less.  Hence, the majority of the video is shot early in the day, which is OK since the early scenery is the best.  

The goal was to portray the stunning nature of our home range and give a feel for what it's like to cover rugged terrain freely and quickly (Ha, if 30 hours can be misconstrued as quickly!).  The mountains themselves are beautiful enough but it's hard to shoot video while trying to run.  The result, 30 hours on the move condensed into 12 shaky minutes, is below. 

The Salt Lake Skyline from andy dorais on Vimeo.


  1. Impressive, and the video turned out great imho. Can't wait for the next attempt :)

  2. Holy shit! I am continuously humbled by the talent in can't pretend to be bad ass in this town with epics like this going down, it gave me goose bumps.
    Well done
    Nick Sourlos

  3. You guys should have come with us (me, Aaron, and your Pa) up McKinley. There's got to be a way to make it epic enough for you to go next year...right? Anything I can do to get you guys to drag us up the mountain...?

    I have it. You guys could pull me up to 14 in a sled, and then sherpa me up the rest. That's never been done before. I melt snow, cook, set up camps, and do all the camp chores. Symbiotic.

  4. Amazing! My goal for the summer is to hike Lone Peak... :)

  5. Insanity. Nice edit. That log will never be the same.

  6. jesus, guys. congratulations and very inspiring work. thanks for taking the time to film and share. awesome.

  7. Hey Guys, absolutely incredible. I really can't figure out why we haven't hooked up for a journey yet! I've got a number of linkups in the Wasatch that after seeing this video I'm sure you'd get psyched on. West Slabs to Sundance.... :) Think about it.

    Jared Campbell

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Andy, maybe next year?
    Jared, for sure. We should talk soon...

  9. Would a fall attempt be more difficult to improve your time? Seems like the snow was helpful on a lot of the talus.