Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Spring in the Sierra

After the incredible day on Temple Crag, we knew we weren't going to top that with the two days remaining on the trip.  Zoomed in photos of the majority of our objectives revealed that the snowpack was just too beleaguered to be productive in the southern part of the range.  Hoping for some local's beta, we remembered that Dale Apgar was still in Bishop and he immediately dropped his plans for the day and took us on a tour up University Peak.  

As always, the company was as good as the views.  

Nearing the summit of University Peak (photo by JD)

Finding a little sneak chute (photo by JD)

The next day, we made the long slog over Lamarck Col to check out the Mendal Couloir on its namesake peak.  We were foolishly hopeful that it would be in condition (apparently this occurs a few times a decade) but wisely had planned other options in the area.  

From the col, I could zoom in with my camera and it was obvious the Mendal was in better climbing condition than skiing.  Mounts Darwin and Lamarck made for fine alternatives.  

The Mendal Couloir in slim condition. 

Nearing the summit of Mount Darwin

I took the sporty route

TG dropping in

There is a lifetime of amazing skiing potential in just this one basin!


  1. Andy,thanks for continuing to share your adventures. They always motivate me to keep getting after it myself. I was wondering if you would mind posting your current thoughts on what gear you use and why? It seems it has been a long time since you shared thoughts on that and it is obvious your preferences have changed. I can see mostly what you ski with but for instance not bindings. Also, the reasoning behind your choices would be interesting (if it isn't top secret!).

  2. I'd also be really interested on a current what/why of your touring and race gear.

  3. Good suggestion. An update is overdue. I'll try and work on one soon...

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  5. An update is overdue. I'll try and work on one soon...

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