Thursday, August 25, 2011

SHTC: Pfeifferhorn Group Run

The club is growing.  Last night we had 6 come out to "run" the Pfeiff.  3 more showed up late and so the trail was littered with our posse.
Josh, up in the Wasatch alpine for the first time and loving it.

Most tagged the summit but others did not due to time constraints.  Who cares...  It was a fun run and the weather was perfectly cool high above the valley.  

Next up: A trip to the Wind River Range.  Hopefully I'll get some good pics/video and will post up when I get back.  


  1. That was a good one. I managed to just make it back down with just a minute or two of light left. Good stuff. Looking forward to the next one.

    (I might head back up there to actually tag the peak this weekend if anybody who missed the full summit wants to come along.)

  2. Nice to see the track club grow! Give me a call when you get this I have some questions about the club...2087053508- Luke