Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hidden Peak Threshold "Run" and the SHTC

Yesterday for "track practice" a group five strong headed up to Snowbird to put in a threshold effort from the tram deck to the top of Hidden Peak.  I drove up with Double D and met the Sherpita, Jake T, and Jon S around 6:30p.  Sans warm up, we were off, quickly finding Peruvian Gulch Trail, which we took to the cat track on Chip's. 

Relaxing on the summit by throwing rocks. 
Cat tracks are boring, so we jumped on the Cirque Trail and took the ridge to the summit.  A little running and a lot of "fast hiking" on the steeps landed us on the summit, tagging the warming hut in 46:33.  That's the fastest I've gone but I think keeping to the cat track would be the fastest.  I'll find out another day. 

We regrouped on top and threw a few rocks like little kids on a summer day before shuffling back down to the car. 

Runs like this are great prep for bigger projects like the Grand Teton Speed Run, which has seen a rejuvenation of interest this summer.  With the record being an insane 3 hours 6 minutes, and standing since 1983, we're not going to touch that.  But, we will try our hand a couple times to smooth out the route and try to run as fast as we can.  More later...

That's were the Sugarhouse Track Club comes into play. A solid group has been meeting once a week for intervals in the park or a mountain type run as well as daily easy runs around the city or convenient trails.  The idea is to maintain/improve fitness for winter and to prepare for some impending summer/fall projects such as the GT, Trans Zion, and Rim to Rim to Rim.  The more the merrier so if anyone is interested, contact me here or at and I'll add you to the list of folks that get the invites.  

Happy Running

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  1. jealous of the SHTC! kindly add me to the list. looks like so much fun.