Monday, January 4, 2016

The Grr Couloir

I've climbed the Grr Couloir once when it was filled wall to wall with frozen avy debris.  Having spied it from across the drainage two days ago, it looked to be in reasonable condition.  

I brought up the idea with my partners for the day, Noah and Jason, and they were both keen to check it out.  

The conditions ended up being pretty variable with a turn of soft boot top powder leading to wind board to breakable to firm to corn but not necessarily in that order from turn to turn.  There was only one spectacular crash the whole day.   But, with golden rock lined walls and the place to ourselves, it was another grand outing in the UC.  

Noah was pretty excited that all the powder has been blown to Colorado so he could bring out the sharp things. 

March boys!

We went from booting to skinning a half dozen times as the conditions dictated. 

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