Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Wasatch Powderkeg Video

I missed the Powder Keg but I heard the skiing was horrible and almost dangerous.  I think people had a good time anyway but I'm pretty sure that Jason and I found better snow the day before on Spanish Fork Peak.  Below is another shaky budget movie but at least it should show some nice dense powder.

So many folks have been complaining about the snow this year.  I keep talking to people who say that they haven't been skiing because the snow sucks.  Well, I'm apt to agree with the general sentiment of despair that we are facing an impending drought and all the implications that holds for a city in the desert but I'm gonna have to disagree that the skiing was bad this winter.

Skiing is always rad.  I just hope there's always enough "bad" snow to keep doing it.  And, maybe all those bad attitudes will just lead to more of the bad snow for me!

Spanish Fork 2.0 from andy dorais on Vimeo.


  1. Great vid guys -- appreciate you sharing it!

  2. from great photographers to great videographers in one quick swoop! well done.

    Agreed that for a terrible year it's been pretty dang good skiing.....

  3. Nice vid. Missed catching up with you guys at Powder Keg, but glad to see you were out gettin' after it. I can confirm you got the better snow that weekend.

  4. There's nothing to lose by submitting this to the Banff Film Fest for consideration. Most of the ski films they show aren't as good as this one. Its an artistic perspective on the Wasatch that is seldom seen, no over head pow, no exposed routes, its just pure skiing and good times.

  5. In addition to being able to kill it on the up, you guys are looking legit on the down too. Fun to watch. I agree with Jon. The great skiing with the populated valley below it an interesting perspective.

  6. this was just awesome. what we do. love it.