Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Storm Riding

The snow pack is thin, the weather crazy, and work onerous.  But the skiing remains thoroughly enjoyable.  Walking through the spring clouds has allowed a glimpse into PNW conditions and I'm learning that I'm quite the pussy when it comes to being cold and wet.  It's good though since I'm being forced to learn a thing or two about staying warm and dry. 

Nearing the top of the Cold Fusion Couloir on a nice blustery day

Looking for Lone Peak as snow piles high on my pack

Teague still looking skinny even though he's all layered up with Gore Tex

Self portrait on Lone Peak's South Summit - Still cold in spite of a helmet, goggles, buff, beanie, base layer, speed suit, hoody, puffy, gore tex shell, wind pants, and big gloves.  A few sunny 70 degree days have made me soft. 

The true summit just didn't seem worth the I'm getting soft and lazy
For a brief second, the clouds parted.  Too bad we were skiing to the left rather than the right. 

Teague's grainy silhouette just before he disappeared

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