Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skimo World Championships Day One

With continued splitter weather here in the Ecrins Valley we got out for a preview of the Teams race which will be held tomorrow.  While not as technical as I had hoped, there was some soft Utah type snow high on the course and five star views in all directions. 

After skiing probably way too much for a pre race scouting, we hurried to sneak in a shower before the opening ceremonies and official start of the the Championship week.  The whole event is being hosted by a chain of small villages throughout the valley with our team staying in Pelvoux.  The races are being held in Puy St. Vincent, Valloise, and Pelvoux, and the opening today was in Argentiere.  Maybe if I can take my eyes off of the mountains, I'll start trying to take pictures of the classic architecture and traditional buildings throughout the valley.  

Some of the notable points from the day are that 23 nations are competing this year with a representation of over 210 athletes, by far the most ever.  This is the seventh edition of Worlds, which are held every other year.  As usual, there will be five different races between the Teams, Sprint, Individual, Vertical, and Relays.  And, the president of the ISMF announced today that by the end of May, the fate of the sport will be determined as the official ruling regarding inclusion in the 2018 Winter Olympics will be made.  

Here are a few pictures of the day:

John and Max are racing tomorrow as a team as are Tom and I.  Mount Pelvoux in the background.

Scouting part of the ridge run

The teams race finishes on the other side of this bridge after perhaps 800 meters of skating.  I should have practiced some nordic technique. 

Our mismatched team during the parade of nations.
The motley US team

Our local village boy who served as our flag bearer

Luke and some Ricola guys during the opening ceremonies

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  1. Simply awesome! Super stoked for you guys. Good luck tomorrow and the rest of the week.