Friday, November 23, 2012

Skin the Turkey Recap

Our first "race" of the year was a great success thanks to the 35 or so people that showed up to put in a little holiday work so as to enjoy the holiday feast a little more.  We warmed up together to the designated starting line for the short course that Tom, Garrett, Adam, Jason, and I put in the day before.  Our ascent route consisted of a drag strip across the flats, "technical" skinning through the woods on an icy track, a strip of groomer, and more icy kick turns to the top of the course.  The descent was more straightforward with a traverse to the corduroy followed by high speed GS turns back to the start line.  I lamented the inability to route everyone through more inspiring skiing but today it was "all about the up!"

The format was the social "vert style" for one hour.  Whoever put in the most laps during that time would be crowned the victor by being handed a Pumpkin Pie. We had many new faces and a whole division of split boarders sporting cutting edge set ups with SCARPA Aliens and Dynafit TLTs.  We also has many familiar faces turn out and it was great to reconnect with friends from winters past.  Also making the season debut was the Wasatch Skimo skin suit.  Last year, Jared put together a custom order and about 20 of us are proud owners of either mostly white or mostly black skin suits that bear the name "Wasatch Skimo" down the leg/arm (BTW, if you still owe Jared $, you can give it to me and I'll pass it along...)

Joking around before the start
The hour played out predictably.  Tom went out hard.  Jared and I and the rest of the field gave chase.  Jared had a gear malfunction and I never quite reeled in Tom.  Gemma gave everyone else a run for their money.  Travis put it in low gear in the heavy metal division and burled his way up with probably 20 pounds on each foot. The split boarders were much faster than expected and it seemed like everyone had a good time.
Some of the speedsters transitioning at the top of the first lap (Gemma in the center is handing it to the boys)
Afterward, we gathered in the parking lot for some cider and awards.  The winners took home pumpkin pies to share with their families and we tossed out some jackets and hats to some other lucky folks.  The Utah Avalanche Center also donated a new Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map that I'm sure will now be put to good use.

So thanks again to all that participated.  It's fun because you all come and are excited to get faster and support each other.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you all at the next one!


  1. Good stuff boys, looks like skimo is doing very well down south of us :)

  2. Okay, I thought we worked this out last season. WAAAAY to many white lycra suits up there. Gemma is the only one that should be rocking one. The rest of you, uh, tripods, should be be in black. I'll refrain from using your favorite term of derision.

    On a related note, what kind of mod did you have to do to get your suit cuff over the boots? Mine are stupid tight. Bad design.