Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer Training

Well, the forgettable yet still enjoyable winter 2011/12 appears to be drawing to a close given the recent weather and ever receding snowpack.  Plus, with forecasted highs in the 80s all next week, I feel it's time to start turning my attention more fully to the trails and the training required for the various races and mountain running goals.

I got a bit of a head start to that end over the last couple weeks with a few ski days sprinkled in. Below is a sample of my training log a la Mr. Krupicka.

Week Summary: May 6-12

Sunday AM: 1:00, 2400' ~Mount Wire
Quick early run/fast hike up Mount Wire from the zoo trailhead.  35 min up and an hour car to car.
Sunday PM: 1:45, 700' up 2000' down, 14.5 miles
Started up East Canyon to the top of Little Mountain and then down Emigration to Sugarhouse.

Monday AM: Ski 2:15, 3000' ~Mount Superior South Face
Went up with Jared to find his missing gear.  Went 3/3 then linked up patches of snow down the South Face.
Monday PM: 1:00, negligible vert, 7 miles
Ran around Sugarhouse Park taking turns pushing the stroller with Jessie.

Tuesday AM: Ski 6:53, 6100' ~Broad's Fork Twin Peaks 
Started up Deaf Smith Canyon with Josh Anderson and skied the NW Couloir of the Twins.  Maybe the last day in the Wasatch this season?

Wednesday AM: 1:45, 3300' ~Grandeur Peak
Had a leisurely morning up Grandeur with Josh Anderson
Wednesday PM: 38 min, negligible vert, 5.6 miles
Ran around Sugarhouse Park with Jason and Keith.  Felt surprisingly fresh.

Thursday PM: 51 min, 500', 6.5 miles
Went up Dry Ck after work with Jason and poked around some game trails before just sticking on the Shoreline.

Rest Day

Saturday AM: 3:45, 5000', 16.5 miles(ish) ~Grandeur Peak and part of Mount Wire
Started with Jason and Jared (back from injury!) from the park-n-ride on Wasatch and then ran up Millcreek to Rattlesnake/Pipeline/Church Fork to Grandeur Summit.  Saw tons of folks out getting after it.  Descended the west side then ran mostly roads to the zoo.  Went maybe 2/3rds of the way up Mount Wire before deciding to descend back to the zoo to make our 10:30 deadline (getting picked up by wife for child duty so she could get her run in).

Hours: 16:00
Vert: 21,000 (including ski ascents)
Mileage:  60ish + two ski days

Overall, thanks to a light work schedule,  I was able to put in a good block of volume (for me) last week but hope to be able to keep building over the next couple months.  For those interested, our informal Sugarhouse Track Club (more mountain running but track inspired) will be picking back up sporadically over the summer.  Let me know if you'd like to receive the typically last minute text invitations.

On a side note, Jason and I are lucky enough to now be part of the Dynafit Summer Team!  For those of you who didn't know that Dynafit has entered the mountain running scene, check out their new line here.  We are psyched and so far I feel the products are thoughtfully designed, high performing, and very functional.   Perhaps they may end up setting the standard as does their more familiar winter line.  Check back for reviews in the near future...

But for now, some pictures...

Nearing the Grandeur summit (photo by Josh Anderson)

I always run this fast all the way up Grandeur... (photo by Josh Anderson)

Running the lower flanks of Grandeur (photo by Josh Anderson)


  1. Winter is not over! Come to the Pacific Northwest, Volcano Season is in full swing.

  2. Hey, Andy, I am a worse runner then a skier, but would love to join the club and do some group runs :-)