Friday, October 14, 2011

Movie Madness: The Grand Canyon and Mountain B Sides

I have no future in cinematography.  But, making movies is fun and here are my two latest efforts.  The first is a nauseating 5 minute ensemble from my recent R2R2R run in the Grand Canyon and the second is a collection of "B sides" from my video library.  Most of the clips from the B Sides movie are from last winter but a couple are from this summer and our attempt at the WURL.  I also snuck in a few recycled favorites from prior posts.

Running the Grand Canyon:

Mountain B Sides:

Mountain B Sides from andy dorais on Vimeo.

Continuing the theme, it really has all started again with today being our third on skis.  The loose powder has settled nicely and what you see is what you get...  I still manage to hit plenty of rocks though.


  1. Great video of the Grand Canyon. You need to work on running a bit smoother, but as always, I am jealous of your adventures.

  2. Cool vids. the rtrtr is prob best not in full screen. the shots w your head in them although not as pretty were more clear and pretty cool. A little offended I didn't make the shout outs at the end...