Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Avoid Crowds in the Wasatch

JD cheating in his running shoes
Step one: Drive at least 45 minutes away from SLC.

Step two: Start hiking Teton style on a dirt trail from some low elevation trail head.

Step three: Bush whack for a long time.

Step four: Enter a couloir that has missiles whizzing  by every two minutes.

Good things come to those who...

Almost to snow
Well, that's what we did.  After putting on our helmets, we aborted the climb up the dangerous chute and ascended a branch that was still frozen in the shade.  Today's objective was a last minute choice on the south end of Timp.  These west facing cliff bands have a few little chutes that allow access to the ridge above.

We topped out our line, skinned up another few hundred feet to a prominent point on the ridge, and then turned it around for a couple thousand feet of fun corn skiing.

The crowded Wasatch
I have no idea what this chute is called, but until I hear otherwise, I'm calling it the Bart Couloir in honor of buddy Bart who hasn't been able to ski much this year due to one illness after another.

Bart likes to call himself a free rider.  He even spent some time on some reverse camber twin tip skis this year (even though they are 160cm).  So, to dedicate the Bart Couloir, we had to get our free ride on.
Who says you can't huck it huge on light gear?  What? 3 feet doesn't count?  JD doing his best "Bart."
Corn trumps powder

It was just as much fun on the way out.

The Bart.  The skinny variation that is more direct could be the Sick Bart.  That's where the missiles where flying.

Today was another great day in the Wasatch and the only other person I saw was my goofy brother.  Still a lot of new places to explore out there...


  1. That bushwhack is all to familiar. I have eyed the sick bart for a while but have yet to get in it, maybe we could hit that one together next year. That cornice you are jumping off I know well. When I was in high school my brother and I did front flips off it and launched it on sleds, who needs skis. We also rallied the "bart" coulior on sleds mid winter.
    This time of year you can ride a mountain bike up past the "Alter" and on to the lower GWT. From there you can milk some deer trails or just stash the bikes. The Scalpel would be perfect.

    The Bells Palsy is getting better slowly and I am tempted to get after it again but I have learned my lesson and am more patient now.
    Might have to wait until next year. You should see the new griptz...

  2. Ha, the name is even more fitting. Next time I'll face plant an attempted front flip. We should go for some easy rides as the trails clean up. That would count as rest for you.

  3. What are these 'crowds' of which you speak?

  4. Alright boyz, you need to quit kidding yourselves and get out of the damn bushes. Come to the Tetons. Still skinning from the car. God, those bushes look awful. Way to get after it, though.

    BTW, there are some funny comments on the Clif website about you guys encountering some "sponsored" types on your way to the Split.