Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dead Dog Couloir, Torrey's Peak

Still bumming around Colorado with JD and my dad, we were looking for something to do the day after our RMNP adventure. My pops, who is getting ready for a trip to Mount Rainier, thought a snow climb at elevation and on the heels of a pretty big day would be excellent training. Viking Lars had skied the Dead Dog earlier in the year and said it would be to our liking.

Liking the line, JD and pops hiking toward the DDC which angles looker's right from the summit

Near the base of the climb, we bumped into some members of the Colorado Mountaineering Club. They moved surprisingly well and conveniently put in a nice booter to the summit.

Three generations

At the top, our old man decided he'd prefer the company of people without skis and walked off the south ridge with the club. Meanwhile, JD and I skied slushy, dirty snow down to a nap along the trail until Mike D caught up on foot.

Dirt, rocks, and a good runnel...Colorado's finest.

Our first Colorado 14er. It's what... 53 to go?

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