Thursday, March 11, 2010

Days 75 and 76, Powder. Deep Powder.

Wednesday, I picked up neighbor Jon and met JD at the Park N Ride for some laps in upper Days. After a couple, we'd had our fun and moved over to a new high entrance into Holy Toledo.

Not great visibility, but that's been the game all week.

Then, this morning, we woke up fiending for something bigger. Got a text from Bart saying we should ski Superior. We were already on the way.

Except, once we got up there, something else looked better.

Went up and skied Monte Cristo, the whole time wondering if we'd be able to find our way out the gully instead of cliffing out by heading down the directissimo. The hike up was filled with sun and a crisp cool breeze. Immediately upon reaching the summit, clouds rolled in and obscured the view. We didn't care, the skiing was ridiculous. Knee deep down the "edge of the world" shot, and thigh deep down the main couloir. Luckily the Skier Boyz had been down the line earlier in the morning and we could follow their tracks like braille...sort of. I ended up cliffing out above the first rappel and had to boot back up to the exit gully.

So much fun we definitely had to celebrate. That meant McDonald's again. JD brought in a Little Ceasar's pizza and I made a pizza/burger role up. Getting crazy for sure.

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