Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Best Kind of Commute

I've been working a lot of overnight shifts lately and have had to divide the daylight hours between sleeping, eeking in some skiing, and family time.  So while the snow lingers in the valley, the foot hills make for a much more efficient use of time.

Leaving work
One of the best is Mount Van Cott, which is accessed from the same parking lot that I use to access my workplace.  Holding just enough snow,  my commute this morning took a small detour.

I walked from work to my car, changed to skis to the summit, descended back to my car and then drove home.  So in the time it took my friend to drive in to work this morning (fighting terrible traffic in Denver), I was able to ski 1200 feet of dense powder, breakable crust, bushes, and rocks, and still make it to sleep before he punched in.

Today makes the third day in a row that I've been out and haven't seen a single person on skis.  We really must be going to some stupid spots!

Jason fighting breakable crust, avoiding rock and bushes...all in a good morning's commute 
Jason doing his Gangnam impression

The workplace

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