Monday, November 12, 2012

Chasing Grandeur

This weekend we rejoiced.  Most chased the storm up the canyons, but short on time, Jason and I attempted to ski one of the more elusive mountains in the Wasatch.  Grandeur Peak is small at 8299 feet, but it rises 3300 feet directly out of the eastern Millcreek neighborhood.  We could hear traffic on the belt loop but found ourselves alone on the mountain save for a lone hunter post-holing ahead.  Unfortunately, it remains on the tick list as we turned around only about half way up due to "extreme bushiness".  If only Salt Lake were on average 10 degrees colder.  Then we could ski from the city regularly and how cool would that be?
Descending into Salt Lake City


  1. Grandeur in deep powder would be unbelievable! Someday.

  2. skiing from the city would be cool, why not use bicycles and make it a day?

  3. Nice!
    North Face of Red Butte is another great shot in the right conditions without the bushes