Monday, January 3, 2011

Days 43-46: Wasatch Potpourri

The last week or so I've been busy at work and missed out on some great skiing. Brother JD and co, tagged Timp, Box Elder, Kessler and more while I for once got to find out about it on the phone. My week was a little more tame, consisting of powder skiing in Mill D, a New Year's Fail up Broad's Fork, some resort laps and some bad snow on Superior, and finally Argenta trees and the West Couloir off Kesler. Jason is back in Indiana so I guess for now I get the last laugh.

Jason on New Year's, cold and about to turn around just below the saddle between Sunrise and the Twins b/c of sporadic wind pockets that threatened our line of choice (Broad Fork Twins, East Face)

Drom and Sunrise, impressive as always


Lucas, pretty in green:

Looking toward the high peaks:

Bonkers and the Twins:

John having a blast in the West Couloir of Kessler:

Today was a great day. Tanner, John, Adam, Graham, and I leap frogged each other and at times gang skied the chute, enjoying the first good snow I've found since last Thursday (a series of bad choices led to a series of bad runs). With a couple races this weekend, things will likely stay mellow for the rest of the week.

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