Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 60: The Olympus Playground

We wandered around the Cove in the dark this morning trying to find a trail to a sneaky hidden couloir. After wasting an hour, the gang decided enough was enough and JD started grumbling about wanting to see some of these chutes I'd been telling him about.


Here are the pics and play by play.

Up Memorial #5:

Then over to take a peak off the peak - why is JD still skinning?

Not too smoggy yet

Went looking for other options

#4 looked good

Skinny skis are the new rage. 64 under foot.

Then it was up #2 and down into the highly visible highway line; the West Couloir.

Then back up the West, past some interesting stuff...

And out #2, the home run shot

From potential mutiny to squeals of joy... both while skiing and from John when we agreed on Barbacoa for lunch.


  1. I fell into a Barba-coma immediately after lunch, catching a short nap. It was beautiful. Almost as fun as the skiing.

  2. What? You didn't ski the face? Wimps.