Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 63, Flagstaff and Upper Days

Como se dice bluebird? Couldn't have been bluer.

Went up by myself this morning hoping to find snow like yesterday. Instead, all the South aspects were crusty and the skin track was super slippery with a coating of surface hoar. Temps were climbing into the 20s, and with the direct sun, I was cooking on the up track to Flagstaff.

Dropped a small cornice into Days, found fantastic powder and...

Looks like it slid yesterday and was almost due North facing. Apparently it's still pretty bad out there according to "DOOM AND GLOOM" Drew from the Utah Avalanche Center.

It was amazing that on a day like this, I was the only one out there. It wasn't until the way down that I saw a couple parties heading up Flagstaff.

Climbing back out of Days to ski some crust back to the car.


  1. Mas azul que los huevos de Jason?

  2. Yea I was out alone but stuck to lines that I know, everything seemed solid where I went. Flagstaff skinner was rough huh? Jared mentioned a friend of yours may want a set of dynafit ST 7's. I also have a setup with new TLT classics I am willing to part with.