Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 58, Guess where

To the many followers of this blog (2 officially, and maybe 2 more after that): Guess where we skied today and win a prize. You can post your guess in the comments section, but you only get one post per person. You can also guess what the prize will be, but rest assured, it won't be that nice. Hint: it's no where exciting.

I took out the F1s again and had a lot more success. Maybe I'm finding my balance? Nice quick powder didn't hurt the cause.

The set up:

I think Lars should get one too, so then we could be twins.

"Two lap" Casey figuring out that Dynafits are nicer than G3 tele's. Maybe he'll soon be "three lap" Casey?

After skiing, I took a tour of the Water Treatment Plant at the base of BCC as part of our public health class. It was pretty interesting to see the process and machinery used to take the leaves, silt, and bacteria out of the water. The clarity is measured in turbidity units with the acceptable standard being 3.0. They were putting out water that was 0.0125. Nice job SLC public utilities. The point of that story? Don't dump in the water, by the water, or around the water because our water (served to East SLC along the benches) is pretty good.


  1. This is the Willows.

    So does that mean it would be bad to hypothetically take a dump in the middle of a river? Like Provo River?

  2. Wrong viking. Not the willows. And, yes. Very bad.

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  4. My comments keep mysteriously disappearing?