Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Uinta Running

Jessie and Lars went to North Dakota to visit her family so for the last couple evenings I've left work aimless and lonely.  Luckily, last night, Jake and Joe were planning on a quick trip to the Uintas for a change in scenery.  After realizing that we were going to run out of gas after passing the last outpost, we turned around and drove back to Kamas.  It was only a short detour and we were soon running with stiff car legs from the Crystal Lake TH.  Then, about thirty seconds into the run, I tripped on the smooth trail and went down hard.  I laid there for a minute or two while the guys laughed at me before we were finally off.  

There is a network of trails through the Uinta plateau that appears endless as it winds through decomposing peaks, arid stands of pine, and around calm mountain lakes.  The drive is really shorter than I thought, having only visited from the WY side in the past.  I'm certain there will be much more Uinta running in my future.  

On this trip, we lacked an agenda and ran and explored as children, pointing out a lake or peak and then discovering its secrets.  We sighted an aesthetic triangular mountain not far from the trailhead and decided to stand on top.  Moving cross country, we gained its western ridge which we followed to the summit.  On top, the lighting was piercing and sharp angular shadows were being thrown across the forests and lakes below.  Our return route was the eastern ridge of our unknown peak, around the opposite side of a previously passed lake, and back to the car.  En route, we couldn't help but stop and skip a few rocks on the glassy water but couldn't stay long as dusk and lengthening shadows chased us back to the trailhead.  

Jake and Joe enjoying some evening running in the Uintas

Nearing the summit

Heading home

Looking SW toward the Wasatch.  Timp and Provo Canyon are visible left of center.

Jake and Joe on the summit

Descending the eastern ridge of our unknown peak

Can't pass up a chance to skip rocks

Our little adventure (after looking it up, I believe this is East Long Peak above Long Lake)


  1. You guys should run the Highline Trail..........

  2. Did you, by chance, run King's Peak last week? I thought I passed you on the trail (I was heading out toward Henry's Fork TH and you were running up the trail). If that was you, I was wondering what your splits are at Elkhorn Crossing, Gunsight Pass (or whatever route you take), the summit, etc. I was hiking a sick scout out and turned around at the trailhead and ran back to gunsight pass. I was just curious how much slower I was going than you were. If that wasn't you, sorry to bother you. Love the blog!

  3. Nevermind. I think it was Jason (Dorais). He just posted his run.

  4. Andy (& Jason) - I'm serious about Denali next year. I know our levels of ability are vastly different, but if you guys think about how to make Denali epic enough for you next year, and if I can help or support in that, let me know. I tentatively thinking about heading up on May 23. andy_howell@hotmail.com