Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Highlights: A Year In Review

With the first dusting of snow in the high mountains last week, my thoughts are again turning toward falling snow, moving through rough terrain on skis, and some unfinished projects from last year.  Jason and Adam have posted their top pics of the year and in an effort to boost my own already high level of psych for the coming season, I perused my photo library and found these 20+ favorites.  Most have not been posted previously, and I tried not to duplicate any of the other guys, even though they already put up many of the best/favorites.   

A September evening last year after climbing Squawstruck in Provo Canyon
JD sinking jams on the classic route, Triple Overhangs.

Just one month later, Adam was heading up Suicide Chute on a dreary early November afternoon.

Early December in the Selkirk Range, BC Canada. 

Skinning through an old burn, about to enjoy 4,000 feet of Montana powder in Glacier NP. Photo by Jared

Just before Christmas 2010.  JD on rappel in the NW Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn. 

Jon Swain, the consummate powder whore, having some more for breakfast on Superior.

JD running in the new year in Zion NP.

A gang of stubborn skiers, refusing to lower ourselves to booting in the Memorial Couloirs, Mount Olympus. Photo by JD

First tracks in the Terminal Cancer Couloir, Ruby Mountains. Photo by JD

JD putting in a boot track in the TC.  

Timp in late Winter conditions.  Photo by JD

JD sneaking around the big mine,  Oquirrh Mountains

Blustery winter day on the North Ridge of the Pfeiff.  Photo by JD

Brian Harder in the Ford Couloir, Grand Teton

Trying to find my way around a melted out section of Cocietti's Ribbon in May.  Photo by AOK

Brian Harder, traversing into the Black Ice Couloir, Grand Teton.

Corn below Mount Whitney.  Photo by JD
Down climbing the Chevy Couloir in fat conditions, Grand Teton.  Photo by JD
MLK rain crust at sunset in the Oquirrhs.  

JD, dead pine, rime.  Provo Peak

Smiley Viking rapping into the unknown.  Pfeifferhorn

Sam and JD and rime.  Mount Timpanogos

Dropping in to Lone Peak Cirque.  Photo by JD

Zak Foy dropping a knee on a cold cold January morning.

Jared and JD marching onward.  Somewhere in Hogum Fork.
That's it for now.  More to come in a month or so when it starts snowing for real!

Also, the 28th to 30th of this month, the new Powderwhores movie, Breaking Trail, will be playing at Brewvies.  I hear this year it's not all smelly tele.  Can't wait!


  1. Its great to see more inspiring photos and to see you use the words, "enjoy" and "powder" in the same sentence.

  2. 'in an effort to boost my already high level of psych' - You continue to be the Master of Understatement. Great pics!

  3. Not all smelly tele, but no spandex tights either.

  4. Thanks Adam and Jon. We'll hopefully get out soon!

    Hey Noah, I'm psyched to see to the film next week. The trailer is awesome, but I do think that for next year some spandex and skinny skis will be the way to go. I know a few people...might be able to score some spandies for you too. Nice job at the Hidden Peak run too.

  5. makes me want to learn to ski... and move to ut.